Growing up with parents in the holistic nutrition health & wellness space, we became very familiar with the benefits of certain herbs and formulas at a young age that really helped through whatever illness was going on, or just overall health and wellness supporting our daily charge as an active, entrepreneurial familie.

Our crue was able to work closely in a high level of supply chain surrounding the cannabis space with a huge focus on zero-THC isolate CBD. We personally felt the benefits of CBD, even greater was the consistent feedback of how it helped our friends, family, and even cooler, was hearing it from people we had just met that had no obligation to hype it up.

Where the frustration came was that there were some good products out there, but there just wasn’t a brand that we could even begin to relate to. Fast forward a couple years later and we became obsessed with how much the gummy bear had progressed, becoming one of the most tasty, popular, low-sugar delivery methods for obtaining your essential herbs and nutritional supplements.

Our vision was to become the gummy godfathers of nutrition, inspired by peace, music and wellbeing. In a sense we became a universal hippie, a counterculture generation instilling the belief in each other. No he-said she-said, just pushing each other to be our best and live your best life as nobody else can live it for you.

Unhipp is the universal hippie in all of us... Let’s make this the ride of our lives.

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